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The Green Dragon ACV

Photo of the Green Dragon from the road

The Green Dragon Pub was listed as an ‘Asset of Community Value’ in 2016 (ACV).

The Parish Council has now received notice from the current owners that they intend to sell the pub.

This notice starts the ACV process and Community interest groups have until 5th November (referred to as the initial moratorium) if they would like to bid for the purchase of the pub.

If a bid is put forward then ‘full moratorium’ (if applicable) of 6 months will continue (it would run from 24 September 2018 to and including 24 March 2019 if activated).

If a bid is not received in the initial moratorium, then the pub can be sold after 6 weeks. It can also be sold at any time as a going concern but we have received notice from the current owners that they intend to close the pub on 23rd November.

  • The Green Dragon Pub will be closing on 23rd November 2018.

A meeting of the village was convened by the Parish Council on 15th October 2018 to seek views on the future of the Green Dragon.  Over one hundred people turned up and the majority showed interest in supporting a scheme to acquire the Green Dragon for the community.

Flaunden Parish Council is collecting contact details of those who would be interested in supporting the community action. If you would like to be involved in any way, please register your interest below. This does not commit you to anything at this stage.

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