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Community Grants

Flaunden Parish Council has a small budget for the award of grants to the Community. 

The Council can only make awards using certain legal powers and must be confident that any grant awarded will benefit Flaunden residents.

The amount of the award will be at the discretion of the Parish Council.


Applications must be made on the Parish Council's Grant application form:

Download a pdf version of the Application Form

Download a Word version of the Application Form


The criteria for awarding Grants are set out below.  

  1. The purpose for which the grant is made must be in the interest of the Flaunden area or its inhabitants.
  2. Grants could be for a 'capital project' such as used to help purchase the Defibrillator, or to support a community event.
  3. Grants will not be awarded for the benefit of one individual or to regional or national charities.
  4. No grant will be awarded for any commercial venture for private gain.
  5. Retrospective applications will not be accepted.
  6. All grant recipients must provide the Parish Council with a brief report  of how the grant has been used.
  7. Each group may only make one application per financial year.

Where appropriate, estimates/quotes should be included with the application.

Information should be provided if additional funding has been requested or obtained from other sources.

How will you application be assessed?

All applications will be considered on their merits and will be judged on the way in which the grant will benefit the community.

Whether additional funding has been requested from other sources.

Applications will be formally considered at a Parish Council Meeting.